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Easy to control WiFi mobile remote controller (DC power supply) - ordinary

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Easy to control WiFi mobile remote controller (DC power supply) - ordinary

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  • Category:"Rich gold easy control" system
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  • Release date:2020-03-20
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Intelligent control: any choice of multiple watering modes, professional and more reliable remote control: remote control anytime and anywhere with the rich gold easy control app

Accurate to second: watering time accurate to second connect camera: app can add camera, can view irrigation anytime, anywhere

Faucet interface: 4 points or 6 points external thread (washing machine faucet)

Power supply mode: 5V power adapter

Working water temperature: 1-40 ℃

Working water pressure: 1kg-8kg

Flow: 600-800l / h

Program setting: built in irrigation program setting, remote control of irrigation by rich financial and easy control app software

Connecting water pipe interface: 9 / 12 pipe, 4 / 7 pipe, garden pipe, 16pe pipe

Application scenarios: courtyard, balcony, family green wall, three-dimensional greening, micro spray, drip irrigation, infiltration irrigation.

Precautions: 1. In winter, please remove the controller and store it in the room to prevent the controller from being easily frozen by the water in the low temperature pipe in winter.

2. The water pressure of the water inlet shall be above 1kg, and there will be water dripping after the water pressure is small.

3. The outlet is too small to close.


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