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Switch with sensor decoder-002

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Switch with sensor decoder-002

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  • Category:Sensing class
  • Product number:1578462085
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  • Release date:2020-03-13
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Switch with sensor decoder (connected with single solenoid valve)

A) The power data is co wired.

B) Modbus protocol is used to facilitate the mixed use of similar products.

C) It is convenient and flexible to modify the address code of the extension by using infrared remote control, which solves the traditional fixed code of dialing code, and improves the flexibility and waterproof of the product.

D) Free networking, with a maximum of 254 primary stations. When there are more than 254, it can be set as a secondary computer, which has the same number as the primary station and only receives data without returning data.

E) The communication distance is far, a main station without any relay equipment can realize effective communication of 1500-2000 meters (measured), and the effective distance to access the relay station is 3000 meters.

F) The product has anti reverse connection, even if the input and output wiring errors will not damage the equipment.

G) Wide working voltage range, 24V ~ 40V can be used normally.

H) Close the valve automatically in case of power failure.

H) Thousands of tests, the communication data is correct.

1) Lightning protection is provided inside the equipment.


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