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Intelligent cloud machine

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Intelligent cloud machine

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  • Release date:2020-03-13
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"Rich gold Intelligent Cloud machine" is a comprehensive system of "rich gold cloud" applied in agricultural irrigation. It controls six systems through the him screen, mobile phone end and PC end: water pump control system, filter control system, water and fertilizer control system, meteorological station environment system, facility agricultural actuator control system and video monitoring system, realizing one-stop unified management. If there is a network, it can make intelligent decisions through remote collection and analysis of data in the cloud, remote operation, monitoring and viewing with mobile phones and PC terminals, and save the data in the cloud. If there is no network, it can control the cloud machine with mobile phones, PC terminals and display devices in the local LAN, and save the data in the computer hard disk at the same time. "Rich gold cloud machine" saves the control parts such as the independent water pump frequency conversion cabinet, sand filter, disc filter, etc., integrates the meteorological station collection controller, with the 1-128 station solenoid valve controller, water fertilizer controller, etc. into the "rich gold cloud machine", saves space, reduces cost, and integrates the control and management of one machine.

technical parameter

DN: 15 / 20 / 25 / 32 / 40 / 50 / 80 / 100

Rated voltage: DC6V

Service voltage: dc3v-9v

Coil resistance: 9 Ω ± 5%

Switch type: positive pulse on valve, negative pulse off valve

Pulse width: 30ms

Working pressure: 0.02-0.8mpa

Working medium: liquid, water, gas, light oil (viscosity ≤ 20cst)

Medium temperature: 0-70 ℃

Ambient temperature: - 10 ~ 50 ℃

Service life: 500000 times

Response time: ≤ 0.01s

Electrical strength: 1500V, 50Hz / 1mim

Insulation performance: ≥ 100 Ω

Protection grade: IP68

Sealing material: Vito

Body material: reinforced nylon PA66


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