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Yunlian remote micro water pump (long antenna version)

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Yunlian remote micro water pump (long antenna version)

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  • Release date:2020-03-20
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GSM remote micro water pump (long antenna version) is a kind of mobile phone remote control self-priming micro intelligent water pump, which can directly put the water pump controller into the pool or water tank to suck up the water. When the water outlet is closed, the water pump will automatically close, the water outlet will open, and the water will automatically open. It is a portable automatic flower watering device specially designed for small-scale household flower users.

Advantages: low power consumption, small noise, small volume, safe power consumption, large water output, easy to install and carry, totally enclosed, high waterproof level.

The micro water pump has a built-in flow card, no WiFi network is needed, as long as the mobile phone can receive the mobile network signal, it can be operated and used. Manual / automatic switch at any time, one button sharing, delay, timed irrigation, each operation has a history. WeChat is concerned about the "wealth of gold" official account at any time to view / recharge traffic.

Technical parameters:

Power supply mode: 12V / 5A power adapter

Pump pressure: 4-6kg, lift: 8M

Water output: 3.0l/min

Working environment: 1-50 ℃

Working current: Pump idling 1a, put into water 2A

Standby current: ≤ 30mA

Blocking current: when the peak value is above 5a, the circuit above 4A will be closed automatically

Size: 19cm L x 8cm W x 16cm H

Note: for example, the filter screen at the water inlet shall be cleaned every two weeks


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