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Intelligent watering: no lack of filtering in irrigation

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Intelligent watering: no lack of filtering in irrigation



The filter is used to screen out the impurities in the water and improve the purity of the water so that the growing environment of crops will not be damaged.

The water source used for irrigation, generally river water and so on, has no pollution, but there will be impurities mixed in it, which requires a filter to purify it.

In agricultural irrigation, the filter is an essential equipment, and the reasonable configuration of the filter system plays a crucial role. If the filter equipment is not matched or the type selection is improper, the whole water-saving irrigation system will be paralyzed. Therefore, it is necessary to go through a reasonable scientific design, according to the actual dirt property, content, solid and intelligent particle size of the watering body, and the flow channel of the irrigator The proper filter should be selected according to the size, irrigation water demand, the nature of the irrigation system, and the outflow mode.

The filter is divided into automatic backwashing and manual backwashing. Backwashing is to clean the impurities filtered from the filter screen and avoid reducing the efficiency and water output of the filter screen. Through the filter type, the common filters are divided into four types: centrifugal filter, mesh filter, patch filter, sand filter and laminated filter Species. 1. Centrifugal filter: the centrifugal filter is mainly based on the working principle of gravity and centrifugal force to remove the solid particles heavier than water. The ability of decontamination is related to the amount of sand in the water. Generally, it is used in the first stage of filtration, which is only suitable for the primary filtration of water quality in irrigation system. Generally, it is used in the primary place of groundwater and surface water with large sand content. 2. Mesh filter: the mesh filter is used to intercept substances larger than the pore diameter on the outer surface through the surface of the filter screen, and the static water flows into the outlet through the mesh core, that is, to complete the water filtration process. The mesh filter is mainly used It is the most effective way to deal with inorganic impurities (sand, sand or scale, etc.) in water. Although it can also filter a small amount of algae, when there are too many algae, the screen is often blocked and cannot filter out microorganisms or colloids.


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