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What are the advantages of Agricultural Internet of things

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What are the advantages of Agricultural Internet of things



Generally speaking, due to the inefficient irrigation, evaporation and excess water, the previous irrigation methods sometimes waste up to 50% of the water. The irrigation system uses sensors with real-time or historical data to inform the irrigation program to change the irrigation plan in order to improve efficiency. Intelligent irrigation agricultural Internet of things - Intelligent flower irrigation has two important aspects: control type, irrigation control method, water supply type, type of water supply system used?

There are two types of intelligent irrigation control, which are controlled according to the weather and soil. Each control type is a weather based intelligent irrigation system with different technical methods of sensing and information provision. The Agricultural Internet of things has credibility meteorological information sources, sensors, or local meteorological information extracted from historical data to help make intelligent decision of irrigation plan Countermeasures. Weather based irrigation system, also known as evaporation system, refers to the water loss caused by land evaporation and plant evaporation. The level is determined by the comprehensive analysis and evaluation of local temperature, humidity, sunshine and wind. The intelligent irrigation system based on soil uses the soil moisture data obtained by the surface sensor to help determine the irrigation plan wisely. Users, for example, when a specific land area is too dry, as in the beginning of irrigation programs, or when a specific saturation point is reached, and when the soil moisture level is reached, in order to stop irrigation, the control that can form these systems can reduce the high function of water volume by controlling these two set points, and intelligent watering can be connected with the soil moisture required by a specific crop Another major advantage of irrigation system is that correct irrigation in intelligent irrigation can also improve water supply efficiency. Generally, there are four ways of water supply. There are water on the ground, distribution, drip and underground water supply: surface irrigation is the most traditional method, which distributes water to the drainage ditch and completes it by gravity. Working sprinklers can distribute and fix water in the air like rain. The method of very local diffusion of water underground is closed to plant roots for irrigation. Considering the drip irrigation system and underground method, evaporation loss can be reduced. Typically, it is more economical


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