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Natural ventilation system in intelligent flower watering

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Natural ventilation system in intelligent flower watering


Vegetable cultivation in solar greenhouse is the main way to increase the income of vegetable farmers, with low cost and high effect. It is also the trend of the development of pollution-free vegetables. Because of the continuous intelligent cultivation, the root nematode, root rot, wilt and other diseases and the salinization of the soil in the sunlight greenhouse are more serious, which affect the yield and income of vegetables. The popularization of soilless cultivation, straw bioreactor and pest control technology in ecosystem has economic, social and ecological effects.

1. Ceiling ventilation: adopt solar vegetable factory, adopt roof butterfly staggered window way.

2. Side ventilation: a 60mm extruded plastic composite board window is installed at a height of about 0.6m from the ground on the East and west sides of the solar vegetable factory, with a height of 1.2m;

3. The structure of solar vegetable factory; the characteristics of heating equipment and cooling equipment are the difference of temperature, agricultural Internet of things and carbon dioxide concentration in different areas of solar vegetable products, and the air temperature in the growing area of crops. In order to distribute the humidity and carbon dioxide concentration evenly, the fan can also be used to flow air artificially.

4. Insect prevention net: set a insect prevention net with a width of 1.8m for the 20th-32nd eye in all Kaifeng parts to prevent and treat insect pests. The net covering cultivation of infectious diseases and insect control is a new technology of environmental protection for increasing production. The artificial isolation barrier is built on the shelf, and the propagation path of pests (adults) is cut off outside the net to drive away pests. All kinds of pests, such as green insects, vegetables, whiteflies and aphids, are effectively controlled. It can prevent the spread of beetles, beet armyworm, Liriomyza sativa, Spodoptera litura and other viral diseases, and has the functions of light transmission, moderate shading and ventilation, It can create favorable conditions for crop growth, greatly reduce the application of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields, and provide powerful technology for the production of pollution-free green agricultural products with high quality, sanitation and production of crops



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