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Do you really know which irrigation methods are water-saving?

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Do you really know which irrigation methods are water-saving?



The invention of Israel's water-saving irrigation technology is not only a miracle of the desert, but also enables the world to hear Israel's agricultural production technology. Due to the drought and lack of water resources in the western region of China, Israel's water-saving intelligent flower irrigation, agricultural Internet of things irrigation also has a great prospect and market in China. In the 12th Five-Year plan of China, the state invested heavily in water conservancy construction, and built one hundred water-saving agricultural model areas in the whole country. The area covered by water-saving agricultural technology was 100 million mu, and irrigation and natural rainfall production efficiency increased by 10%. Now, water-saving irrigation mainly includes 4 kinds: drip irrigation, irrigation, micro spray, irrigation under film and irrigation.

(1) According to the requirements of crop demand, drip irrigation can reduce the flow of water and nutrients needed for crop growth by means of low-pressure piping system and special irrigator. It can be uniformly and accurately transported directly to the soil surface or soil layer near the root of crop for intelligent flower irrigation. At the same time, the combination of drip irrigation and fertilization, using fertilizer applicator to apply the soluble fertilizer to the root area of crops, timely supplement the water and nutrients needed by crops, has a good yield effect. Fruit? The main equipment of drip irrigation is: drip irrigation pipe, dripper, filter, fertilizing device, piping and connecting joint, the advantages of liquid drop cleaning technology of control and metering device are: compared with 33% water saving of drip irrigation, 81.6% water saving of irrigation, and about 30% increase of yield compared with irrigation; water saving, energy saving, labor saving, soil is not easy to harden, and weeds growth is inhibited; fertilizing, watering, etc. once Sexual completion: increase crop yield. Quality and so on.

(2) Jet cleaning is to spray the pressure water into the air through the pipe equipped with a spray head to form water drops. This irrigation method not only saves about 40% of the traditional foundation irrigation water, but also saves soil, water, fertilizer, time and field. Climate and other advantages. Water injection and irrigation water-saving devices adopt mobile and pointer type, which can further improve the utilization rate of water resources.

(3) Micro jet micro jet through the low-pressure piping system to spray water to the soil surface at a small flow rate. A kind of irrigation method, micro spray system is divided into fixed and mobile two kinds, is the water-saving irrigation technology between sprinkling and drip irrigation, it is smaller than the water needed for irrigation, atomization degree is high, spray evenly, less water demand. The shower head is also easy to block the drip irrigation, but the drainage is small

(4) Under film irrigation is a kind of drip irrigation technology under film. This technology is characterized by simple equipment, convenient installation, water saving, and difficult to combine the soil with the plate. The common gravel concrete pipe and plastic pipe are permeable pipes, and the pipe wall has a certain pore area. Saturate the soil with the flow of water. It saves more water than the ground, but it has many problems such as high cost, easy blockage and difficult maintenance. Therefore, the development of Internet of things in agriculture is slow.

(5) Infiltration washing is a method of using porous pipe or microporous pipe perforated under the ground surface to make irrigation uniform and slowly infiltrate into the underground soil of crop root area, and using capillary force to wet the soil. The technical features are water-saving, energy-saving, and convenient cultivation; it does not damage the soil structure; it is helpful to prevent the occurrence of weeds or insects. Israel has irrigation technology in every corner. The flowerpots or a tree on the garden, orchard, urban forest road and residential balcony are all equipped with drip irrigation facilities. 90% of greenhouse cultivation uses drip irrigation, mainly high value-added vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops. The utilization rate of water resources reaches 95%. In order to ensure food security, China uses water-saving irrigation technology in the dry areas of the West


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