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Intelligent flower watering integrated FRP intelligent well house

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Intelligent flower watering integrated FRP intelligent well house


installation, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life, intelligent irrigation, remote control, a data uploading cloud platform, IOT FRP intelligent well construction, and promoting the modern agricultural irrigation process.

In China, our modern irrigation technology lags behind the modern advanced countries and is later than the traditional irrigation method. When people inject water, they have a lot of manpower, material resources and material resources. It is very difficult for the administrator to manage the efficiency of irrigation, and it is very difficult to manage repeatedly. And mainly waste a lot of water resources? In the northern part of China, the irrigation water is more scarce. In recent years, the Agricultural Internet of things intelligent flower watering - Agricultural Internet of things promotes the development of agricultural modernization, improves the agricultural field irrigation technology, and greatly promotes the agricultural irrigation water saving. The integrated glass intelligent flower watering intelligent well building of agricultural field irrigation is one of the products that are strongly promoted.


The glass fiber reinforced plastic intelligent well production adopts SMC pressing technology. It has rigidity of metal and toughness of FRP, good corrosion resistance, strong anti-aging property, beautiful appearance, simple installation, light weight, light weight and long service life. This is known as the intelligent pit with integrated GRP for field water irrigation, not only the room of the well, but also the power distribution system. That distribution system is very convenient. In the current project design, the dual measurement and distribution system of hydroelectric power is mostly used, and GPRS wireless remote transmission module is added to directly use the user's water consumption, which can be transmitted to the control center. In this way, we can clearly understand irrigation in the control center


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