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Agricultural Internet of things water irrigation area breaks through dry million mu

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Agricultural Internet of things water irrigation area breaks through dry million mu


The recently held water-saving irrigation work site in Guangxi has a water-saving irrigation area of 11 million mu. The water-saving intelligent flower watering Agricultural Internet of things irrigation project benefits the main agricultural areas of the whole region, resists the disasters of Natural Agricultural Internet of things, stabilizes grain production, and defines the important guarantee facilities to promote the increase of farmers' income. In recent years, Guangxi has constructed 11 large-scale irrigation areas, 323 medium-sized irrigation areas, 40000 small-scale irrigation areas, 440000 small-scale agricultural field water

智能浇花-农业物联网conservancy projects and other huge local characteristic water-saving irrigation projects in sequence. At present, the water-saving irrigation area in Guangxi Province accounts for about 40% of the effective irrigation area, and has cultivated modern agricultural model areas such as Tianyang, Lingshan, Fuchuan, sugar and cocoon, In the implementation of water-saving irrigation projects to ensure the national status of various agricultural products, such as vegetables, explore new water-saving management modes as "folk affairs assistance", "reward jinzhineng to water flowers", "supplement agriculture", etc., promote the promotion of Liuzhou city's centralized link, the development of Fuchuan water conservancy panel and the joint construction of government, officials and people in Jiangzhou District of Chongzuo City, so as to improve the level of rural water conservancy.

In the next step, bagasse used to be the main battlefield of the new irrigation area in Guangxi. With the development of effective water-saving irrigation of sugar materials, Guangxi Province has formed a new irrigation area



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