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Out, intelligent machine assisted water-saving irrigation technology

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Out, intelligent machine assisted water-saving irrigation technology



It's a pity to see that the water of "White Snake" has overflowed the mountains and everyone wants to drown the French sea in the Agricultural Internet of things. There won't be so much water washed away. In terms of agriculture, if we still overflow like "water overflows the mountain", there won't be so much water resources to torture us in many places in a few years. Fortunately, based on the advanced water-saving irrigation technology of industrial computer, we can irrigate the land well and save water. Which country has the most say in water-saving irrigation? That's Israel, a scientific and technological power in the Middle East.

As a country in Israel and desert areas, due to the extreme shortage of water resources, the Agricultural Internet of things system did not have a large-scale agricultural foundation. Israel also needs to provide water for the people through "desalination". So, in such a country with insufficient water resources, how does agriculture become large-scale? This is science and technology agriculture, which requires advanced water-saving irrigation technology. Through this water-saving technology and various scientific and technological agricultural means of agricultural intelligent network networking, Israel not only meets the demand of agricultural products, but also exports 60% of agricultural and sideline products, which is a miracle against the sky. Of course, now, many areas in China have also implemented this water-saving drip irrigation method, especially in some large-scale agricultural enterprises or clothing farms, which have already matured water-saving drip irrigation Irrigation is applied to irrigation of crops, orchards and vegetables. They use a series of plastic pipes with different caliber to water flowers intelligently. Yuyao agricultural informatization directly transports water and fertilizer dissolved in water to the roots of crops through pressure pipes. The time and quantity of water and fertilizer are controlled and supplied by computers. We should not only save water in this way, but also save fertilizer, avoid waste, and more importantly, save labor costs. In order to make the healthy growth of crops, fruit orchards and vegetables easier, according to the inspection results of sensors, it is necessary to carry out water-saving drip irrigation and fertilization in real time. At the same time, the inspection and control is carried out within 24 hours. In addition, the challenges of farm and other scenes to computer hardware are also very severe. Therefore, it is necessary to use industrial management machine products with higher reliability and better stability to act as the "control center" of water-saving drip irrigation computer control system. In view of the pain of the current industry, Runyang green technology and the world's advanced intelligent irrigation technology are combined to provide customers with one-step solutions from the implementation layer, information layer and decision-making layer, greatly optimizing the existing solutions The structure of irrigation system greatly saves investment cost and construction time


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