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Provide funds for senior talents at home and abroad with creativity

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Provide funds for senior talents at home and abroad with creativity


On August 2, the Organization Department of the Shandong Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Department of science of Shandong Province and the Department of finance of Shandong Province jointly hosted the second "entrepreneurship Qilu? The "win win future" senior talents entrepreneurship final meeting was held in Jinan. 140 entrepreneurs from the whole province and 9 entrepreneurship projects at home and abroad gathered in the same platform competition in Jinan and the title of "Taishan industry leader" of Shandong Province senior talents award. Key words: the conference focuses on the transformation of major engineering construction with the new and old momentum of the province as the center, focuses on the development of the "top ten" industries and strengthens people

With the support of talents, the intelligent flower watering system provides funds for senior talents at home and abroad, establishes enterprises in Shandong with creativity and technology, cultivates new advantages of industrial development, and provides new momentum for high-quality development. Among the finalists, including overseas academicians, candidates of national key talent programs, and leaders of national key laboratories, the average age is 40.6. In terms of the quality of the applied projects, the technical content of the applied projects is generally high. Wang Xiang, 26, is a little younger than Daniel, who has a lot of experience. However, he can only despise the strength of the sci



entific research team he leads. In many of the participating teams, the precise and smooth scientific research team is still emerging, winning the championship at one stroke, successfully advancing and winning 1.5 million bonus. The competition is conducted in the form of road practice, and the scientific research team can face to face communicate with the review experts. Compared with the traditional review phase of the Agricultural Internet of things, this evaluation method is more accurate in the location of horticultural irrigation equipment and more transparent in the process. Therefore, this time's champion is not lucky and accidental, but the embodiment of strength. Since the establishment of Jingxin in 2015, Wang Xiang has the concept of "strict specifications, work hard to get home", and is full of energy. The company attaches great importance to the selection, management and incentive of R & D personnel, with more than 40% of R & D personnel. Under its guidance, the company has obtained many patents and software copyrights. As the new start of industrial products network industry, Fujin independently developed the Internet of things cloud platform, industrial network sensors, Internet of things watering system, timed automatic watering system, industry, local institute, manufacturing, environmental protection, agriculture, fire protection, water conservancy and many other fields to provide services, input strength, enterprises, and realize the interconnection of all things. Breaking through the product barriers of traditional Internet of things industry, establishing the Jingxin industrial Internet of things ecology, taking all Internet of things sensors and communication products as a production self-developed or strong advanced system, has launched 20 kinds of sensor products, 6 kinds of communication methods, as well as the general Internet of things SaaS cloud service platform, solved the cloud problems of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provided a clear front-end for different scenarios. The champion of this competition is the affirmation of rich gold's strength, at the same time, it encourages rich gold to innovate and improve constantly. In the next step, Fujin will continue to develop and innovate the Internet of things products, and contribute to the realization of the interconnection of all things.


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